Effective Mentoring is unbiased, objective support that identifies qualities and abilities in the Mentee.  The Mentor will work with the Mentee for a period of time where the focus will be on the Mentee’s growth requirements.

For a Mentorship programme to work, companies need 4 things:


Dodici can train the Mentors and Mentees before the programme starts and will be available to support the Mentors during the programme.

What people say

About Annatjie Wessels as coach and mentor

  • Annatjie has really been valuable in my growth in both my personal and professional life. She is a natural, who knows when to cheer me on and celebrate the winnings, but is just as quick to provoke, guide or inspire me to challenge, speak up and openly, in resolving difficult situations. I am now able to “manage upwards” and have open honest conversations with my reporting line, right up to VP level, which has been rewarding for our relationships as well as beneficial to the Company and the Team.


  • The tools and tactics that I have learnt during the sessions with Annatjie have proven to be beyond valuable. Apart from the value and benefits I have reaped personally and continue to reap from these tools, I have seen my team benefit and grow from the sharing of these with them. Annatjie is incredibly intuitive and would always know when I had something pressing that was weighing me down. She sees the best in you and encourages, supports and guides you through the thought process which enables to deal with any given challenge or situation.


  • Annatjie listened to the areas that I wanted to develop, performed some analysis to obtain a deeper understanding and then created a coaching plan based on my specific need. Over the period of coaching my circumstances changed and she was easily able to adapt the plan to focus on the areas that were important while ensuring that the previous learnings were still relevant. I never had a coach before so always wondered how they would be able to identify with my specific working environment. Since Annatjie had plenty of real-life work experience in addition to clients with varied circumstances she easily identified which allowed her to give very practical advice and not theory.


  • Annatjie’s coaching has made me the turnaround story of the year. I stepped into coaching not understanding how I even got there and where was I going wrong. Not only did she help me come to many realizations about myself and how others perceive me, but also how I saw myself. She taught me how to celebrate, something I forgot to do and the tools she has provided me will stay with me for life and they are so empowering I have even given a few to my daughters and colleagues. She has empowered me to be authentic and show people that I am a giver, who is kind and honest. She has also empowered me to demand that I also be treated well and not to be constantly what others need of me. And for this I am grateful and a legacy I can teach my daughters.


  • I have been coached by Annatjie twice over a 6-year period, in each case I was in a very different space from both a career development, personal goals and team dynamics however in both coaching interventions Annatjie was able to help me bring an objective perspective to the challenges and possible way forward as well as equip me with tools to help me adjust and take a bold step forward.


  • Our connection was very unique from the day we shook hands and till today I treasure my time I have spent with Annatjie. I remember my first session, I was very emotional as for the first time someone said to me what I always knew but, managed to hide from it for a very long time. I enjoyed every challenge she gave me, I appreciate her advice and support and belief in me. I can say today with a very warm heart that Annatjie has helped me to create a state of mind that is more healthy, productive and beneficial to myself and our organisation. Our formal couching has come to an end but with Annatjie I know that I have a lifelong coach that will always be in the corner cheering me on and motivating me.


  • Annatjie Wessels and I met each other in 2015, she was facilitating our new management team through a Leadership Programme. With her coaching, and personal efforts, she changed our Senior Management Team from a Management Team to a Trusted Leadership Team. Not only has she changed our behaviour, our company business results increased with double percentages year on year. Annatjie was involved in coaching managers reporting to me. They changed from average to excellent. The biggest change what I saw was total ownership. Then last year I’ve received personal coaching from Annatjie. I experience now self-confidence because I am possible. I live the power of good and trusted leadership.