The Coach provides a safe space in which the Coachee will be guided through a process of introspection of existing beliefs, intentions and meaning.  This is important to create a successful plan that would lead towards positive change in thought, communication and behaviour.

Characteristics of the coaching process

The coach ensures that the Coachee is provided with the necessary challenges and support to stretch him/herself and therefore accomplish more than he/she would under normal circumstances. The process demands a high degree of trust, understanding and commitment from both parties.

Phases in the coaching process

An executive coaching programme can include two phases.

  1. Phase 1 is a nine to ten month intervention with the Coachee who has to attend one session of two hours per month.
  2. Phase 2 consists of coaching conversations that are offered once the Coachee has completed a coaching assignment. These conversations are scheduled as required if the Coachee is in need of support.

Please note

Our coaching services include the following: An Introductory session with the prospective Coachee, objective setting for the coaching assignment, feedback interviews, and a review meeting halfway through with the Sponsor or Line Manager.

The outcomes of the coaching assignment

The new behaviours of the Coachee and the effect of these on all the people and systems around him/her will be of a lasting nature.

What people say

About Dodici’s Coaching Programmes
  • The process helped me to build my personal brand, something I never did before. The tools are valuable and it just makes you think of the way you do things differently.
  • Coaching provides an objective person and different frameworks to assess the intangible aspects of your personal development. It really helps focus on blind spots or areas that are difficult to address with people within your organisation.
  • The coaching helped me to open up, be a bit more courageous in my conversations and take the next step in assisting the advancement of my career. 
  • In my coaching sessions I was able to further explore areas of concern and areas I felt I required assistance in managing/improving based on the assessment and with the feedback sessions with colleagues. These coaching opportunities led to me being able to work on areas that would otherwise go without attention and that would get me to the next level in terms of self-improvement. I benefitted greatly from the coaching on my next steps in terms of my career and how to market myself successfully. The skills learnt are most valuable. 
  • Coaching is an opportunity for self-reflection and feedback as well as learning tools for enhancing leadership skills. The main benefit for me has been inspiring confidence in my own ability to achieve as a leader. 
  • The biggest benefit for me that came out of the coaching/support discussions is the confidence that I developed in to allow me to have more meaningful discussions with the management team thereby, and in my opinion, building deeper and more authentic relationships which will ultimately create better synergies within the workplace.
  • The coaching sessions cemented awareness’s that have been recognised, and by talking through events, both past and those within the future scope, showed me how the tools are becoming second nature and are being used/benefited by my team members.